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Advocacy for Low-Income Children with Disabilities in California 2015

Author(s): Linda Johnson, Brian Blalock
Practice Area: Family Law, Pro Bono
Published: Apr 2015
PLI Item #: 58031
CHB Spine #: 41

Brian Blalock is the Law and Policy Coordinator at T Works, the policy division at Tipping Point Community, where he currently looks at systemic funding issues that create barriers to entitled services and works collaboratively with public system, provider, and advocate partners to foster workable solutions to complex problems related to poverty.

Prior to joining Tipping Point, Brian was the founder and director of the Youth Justice Project (YJP) at Bay Area Legal Aid providing civil legal services and direct representation to youth involved in the delinquency, dependency, and homelessness systems under the age of 25.  Brian has worked as a religious affairs consultant, a fight trainer, and a public school teacher in the south Bronx. He has graduate degrees from Columbia and Harvard and a law degree from Stanford Law School.

Linda Johnson is a Staff Attorney with San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program, Inc. (SDVLP) where she is responsible for the Education Law Project.  Ms. Johnson provides direct representation to students who are dependents or whose parents are receiving voluntary services from the County of San Diego, Health and Human Services, who have unmet special education needs, difficulty with enrollment, or who are facing school discipline proceedings.